Diana Toma at Leigh and Paige Fine ArtDiana Toma is a Romanian visual artist now teaching and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Influenced by the European culture and enriched with American flavor, her style arrived at a unique combination of the elegance of classics and the spontaneity of street art, blending traditional techniques in a contemporary approach. Diana has been engaging with the art community since 1995 participating in numerous art projects and showcasing her work in over 90 Group Exhibitions and Solo Art Shows. Holding a M.F.A  from the Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Diana is seen as an esteemed professional authority invited to judge and jury art shows, and to speak on behalf of the working artist on open panels, such as The Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Georgia. Diana is an award-winning artist, with her most significant award receiving runner-up at the 2017 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition. Diana instructs painting classes at Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, and Abernathy Arts Center in Sandy Springs. Her approach focuses on fast, free-flowing painting release, and creative un-blockage.