Leigh & Paige is now Online only!
Leigh & Paige is now Online only!
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Welcome to Leigh & Paige Fine Art.  Our gallery opened to the public February 1, 2018, becoming Columbus, Georgia’s only commercial gallery with diverse group of represented artists and the largest collection of purchasable art available.

Leigh & Paige offers an unparalleled selection of original artworks that are consistent in quality and skill across a diverse genre of styles and mediums.  We provide the artists we represent with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.

Our customers can expect friendly, professional service that strives to meet their expectations.  We will do whatever is possible to meet all special requests and provide our customers will an unforgettable experience.

Leigh & Paige aims to grow the greater Columbus art community by promoting art appreciation and providing opportunities for the public to interact with our community of artists.


Sales of Fine Art.  To maintain our clients’ enthusiasm and draw new clients to artists and the gallery, Leigh & Paige will host a regular schedule of exhibits and special events, providing publicity, raising community awareness of the artists, and growing commerce of fine art in the greater Columbus community.

Online Sales.  Galleries are migrating towards emphasis on having an online presence where they conduct a significant portion of their marketing and sales. All works listed on this page are available for purchase and shipping, making it easier for clients and artists to connect. Further, our collection is available for purchase through our Facebook page, and works are regularly listed for sale on our Instagram feed as well.             

Consignment of previously-owned artworks.  In addition to Artists, collectors have the opportunity to consign artworks they own and wish to sell with the support of an art dealer.  Leigh & Paige will utilize the local network and our online presence to find buyers.



Behind us are the eras that gave us astonishing historical structures, priceless works of art that remain priceless and have withstood time, and where theater, classical music performances, and appreciation of fine art were the mainstays of our culture.

What exists today that resembles these timeless creations from before?  One could argue very little, with the exception our Fine Arts community and culture.  Fine Arts exist due to the time, devotion and patience of the Artists who bring them to life. 

What attracted me to the idea of working with Fine Art was the beauty, emotion and authenticity found in the works.  Nothing created by means other than our hands can compare.

I wish to share the divine gift belonging to the Artists among us.  What man creates defines humanity.  Fine Art, I believe, is intended to show us humanity in its most desired form.  It is a reflection of ourselves.  Its makes us memorable rather than forgettable.  It leaves behind a timeless legacy, for appreciation by future generations. 

I believe we all have the ability to create beautiful things.  Artists discover this ability, nurturing it over time to create masterpieces that please our senses and touch our souls.  

Leigh & Paige strives to create a unique experience – a lifestyle that aligns art and culture and welcomes the public and communities to enjoy it.  Please join us!


Ted Johnson, Owner & Director